Multifunctional-The blender bottle does a much more than provide a very simple method to have your protein beverages and shakes on the go. It’s the perfect vessel for protein shakes, supplements, smoothies, sports beverages plus much a lot more.

Convenient-Unlike additional Blender Bottles this removes the requirement to merge the beverage of yours before you bottle it. Just add the choice of yours of fluid into the blender container and allow it to whisk away lumps with just a couple shakes. This is excellent for individuals that have to get their protein repair on the go. The container includes steel balls which whisk the shake of yours into a blend which may be drunk immediately any time anywhere. This container makes it easy to shoot your supplements right after your workout providing you with top benefits.

Stress Free This innovative product provides a stress totally free approach to consider your supplements daily. If you’re an experienced bodybuilder this item is perfect for those who have to take supplements or maybe protein shakes at frequent intervals throughout the day. The progressive design utilizes the most recent technology to make using your daily shakes very simple.

Hygienic-This bottle type is very hygienic and simple to clean up after use. Additionally, it has a selection of attributes that ensure it will not leak. It’s a leak proof cap along with a water tight lid to confirm little mess on the action.

Durability-A hard wearing bottle is not simple to locate. The blender container is made from sturdy materials ensuring your drink holder will not break apart after a short time. In case you have a container often, durability is paramount.