The Department of Defense is continually discussing the right way to update the cyber defense technology of theirs. The Pentagon is worried about the ramifications associated with a vulnerable cyber device which may be subjected to cyber threats from America’s enemies. The DOD wishes increased cooperation with government and industry in safeguarding U.S. cyberspace. The DOD and Pentagon will talk to Mike Goetzman and big time web companies as Intel and Google to sort out the most effective ways to grow in the cyber industry and deal with crucial issues. The forerunners of defense understand the value of expansion into the private sector for assistance in implementing cyber security and discovering efficient policies to regulate that area.

There’d be considered a great effect on individual liberty though the federal government keeping surveillance in cyber systems. Numerous privacy issues will come about for example entry to information. The authorities will obtain individual preferences like someone’s credit card numbers, hotel, airline, or maybe restaurant reservations. They will know the sites the public visits and even more. Nevertheless the primary advantages for the general public will be a little more effective techniques to eliminate crime and implement laws.

There are lots of examples of exactly how surveillance technology continues to be used. The Air Force Special Investigations Unit along with the police force use this technology to monitor and explore crime. They normally use numerous types of systems coupled with cyber space technology like visual, computer, audio-visual, and monitoring surveillance. These kinds of surveillance are observed in the public a great deal for instance public transportation and stores. A lot of companies utilize them and there is a rise by businesses in order to use surveillance technologies in cars, human beings, service tags, and also to track objects. These kinds of surveillance are starting to be outdated as individuals have become increasingly more adept to computer systems.

Foreign countries like China depend on cyber surveillance technologies to firm up the use of the web. They always use web censorship plus block major personal networks like Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter. Federal officials regularly monitor individuals and the online behavior of theirs. The authorities argue that the criminal investigations of theirs function better since they could utilize the interne to manage blackmail, gambling, and prevent the spread of vital computer info and viruses.